March 30


Challenging the status quo as an emerging business

By FynnGentle

March 30, 2022

Mike Van den Abbeel

In this inaugural episode of The Performance Mindset Podcast, host Amy Calandrino welcomes guest Mike Van den Abbeel to the show. Amy has spent a decade providing expert commercial real estate advice and consultation to business owners and investors, she wants to share some of the most inspiring and interesting, and influential leaders she’s met along the way. Her goal is to share valuable insights from these impactful individuals as well as business and commercial real estate trends. 

Mike Van den Abbeel is co-owner of Mosaic Hair Studio and is an entrepreneur, master stylist, and political activist. Mike and his wife Kiri opened their first salon in June 2004. They were able to build equity, which they could unlock later for future expansion. Amy met Mike in 2011 as he was preparing to expand. He has since expanded his business even more.

In this episode, you’ll hear:

  1. Why Mike Van den Abbeel ventured into the hair industry and how he and his wife decided to start their own salon after working for others.
  2. How he sets his business apart from other stylists and the role marketing has played in that.
  3. What he does to remain motivated and continue working towards growth.
  4. The reasoning behind Mike Van den Abbeel’s decision to purchase his own business space instead of leasing it as many business owners do.
  5. His future plans for his business and advice for prospective business owners.

Connect with Amy Calandrino here:

Beyond Commercial

Connect with Mike Van den Abbeel:

Mosaic Hair Studio



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