April 13


Creating expert level management

By FynnGentle

April 13, 2022

Joe Fijol

In this episode of The Performance Mindset Podcast, Amy Calandrino welcomes guest Joe Fijol to the show. Joe is with Ethos Event Collective, which is a new event management company that is bringing a new level of intentional planning and measured results to creating and executing both valuable and meaningful events.

Amy and Joe have known one another for half a decade. His energy is contagious, and his team has a culture of accountability. Joe’s passion for results has created the culture of his company.

In this episode, you’ll hear:

  1. Joe Fijol’s extensive background in hospitality and how he eventually came to found his company, Ethos Event Collective.
  2. How he’s remained resilient in the hospitality business during the last 24 months and the changes he made to accommodate the changes.
  3. Why intentionality has become pivotal at Ethos Event Collective in order to better serve their customers and their team.
  4. Some of Joe Fijol’s strangest requests or comments during his long hospitality career and how remaining solution-oriented often helps him come up with excellent resolutions.
  5. Why his employees are more important to him today than his customers and how his leadership has changed over the years to reflect that.
  6. Who the successful entrepreneur is and why Joe Fijol doesn’t believe there is one way to do that.

Connect with Amy Calandrino here:

Beyond Commercial

Connect with Joe Fijol:


Ethos Event Collective


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